cool book

So there is a cool book, a have bought, its in English language
It was be famous author George Orwell its it name is 1984
Book is about government spying on their in citizens.
It's set in age 1984 and currently is very popular after applying a new set of restriction in virtual word by governments.
Difficult to judge wheteherthis is good in terms of war and terrorist, but on conguere freedom of speach.
Well let the readers decide.

drupal patch

You can patch drupal file, or any other file
with a txt file named something.patch
copy file to a root directory of file to be patched, and run this command
patch -p1 < something.patch

Drupal instalation

tested on: drupal 7, linux mint 17,LAMP
apache install extension
apt install php7.0-gd php7.0-mysql php7.0-common php7.0-xml
copy drupal files to:
cd /var/www/drupal

dont forget to copy .httaccess

- in .htaccess uncoment